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by Nicholas Wolfe

Set of 6 George Veronda Dining Chairs

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George Veronda, an innovative architect, and partners with Roger Brown, a Chicago artist, designed a notable home for them in New Buffalo, Michigan, completed in 1979, which has since been recognized as a historical landmark.

For this unique dwelling, Veronda crafted dining chairs. These pieces are distinguished by their continuous, powder-coated tubular metal frames, recently given new life with plush melange wool upholstery. A striking feature of these chairs is the cantilevered back cushions, designed to be attached without a visible backrest, requiring meticulous hand-stitching.

This approach underscores the fusion of functional design with aesthetic elegance, making the chairs more than mere furnishings but symbols of Veronda's architectural vision and attention to detail.

H: 30.5"
W: 20.5"
D: 22"
S: 18.5"

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