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by Nicholas Wolfe

Pair of Thayer Coggin Lounge Chairs and Ottomans

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Pair of Lounge Chair and Ottomans Designed for Thayer Coggin
Circa 2000
United States

H: 31"
W: 35.5"
D: 36"
S: 18"

Introducing a striking pair of contemporary black leather lounge chairs and ottomans, designed exclusively for Thayer Coggin. These sophisticated pieces showcase the beauty of original, nicely worn leather, exuding a timeless charm and character that invite you to indulge in relaxation and repose.

The large, solid maple wood arms offer both form and function, with their sleek design and ample space to conveniently rest a drink. The blonde natural wood contrasts dramatically with the rich black leather, creating a captivating visual impact that elevates any modern living space.

For unparalleled comfort, the back cushions are generously filled with down feathers, providing a soft, luxurious embrace as you sink into the chair. The matching ottoman, offer the perfect place to rest your feet or provide additional seating for guests, seamlessly blending with the contemporary aesthetic.

These Thayer Coggin black leather lounge chairs and ottomans are a true testament to the firms commitment to quality and style, perfectly balancing elegance, coziness, and modern design. Enhance your home with these exceptional pieces, and experience the lasting appeal of expertly crafted contemporary furnishings.

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